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Commercial fandoms!

I dont always visit comms, but when I do I visit this one

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Name:The commercial fandom comm
Website:The FAQ and Page-a-Mod entry
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Commerical fandoms-all and any
This comm started out just for the (minuscule but awesome) fandom for the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World guy. I just love that guy! However it makes more sense to make this a commercials in general comm. So bring us your MAC/PC, your Flo/Geiko, your Ronald McDonald dubcon!

Feel free to post icons, macros, gifs, "facts", poems, odes, fics, fic recs, vids, meta or anything else that even marginally mentions the Dos equis guy pertains to commercials.

If you are posting larger fics, picspams or icons please put it under a cut.

If your entry has potential triggers behind a cut it goes, with a warning please. Failure to warn for non con, dub con, rape, suicide, and extreme violence will get you a talking to, followed by a banning.

Please keep it civil.

This guy:

Bam! a F.A.Q. use it wisely my friends.

Some places of interest:
Dos Equis Official site
Jonathon Goldsmiths wiki page
The Most Interesting Man wiki page
He's so interesting he apparently has two facebook pages

If you know of any other sites please let me know and I'll add them

Stay thirsty my friends

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